--- ESnet Service Availability Report for AMES, Nov 2016.

ESnet uptime Nov 2016:      99.567% (Site outages filtered)
ESnet downtime Nov 2016:    003:06:55(h:m:s)

Total uptime Nov 2016:      99.567% (Site outages included)
Site downtime Nov 2016:     000:00:00(h:m:s)

--- Outage Event Summary

Duration         Start Date/Time
003:06:55(h:m:s) Sat Nov  5 04:33:34 2016 (US Pacific)

--- Outage Event Detail

Title:         AMESLAB  STAR, CHIC - Site Power Maintenance
Date:          Sat Nov  5 04:33:34 2016 (US Pacific)
Duration:      003:06:55(h:m:s)
Type:          Planned
Organization:  ESnet/Ames Lab
ESnet Ticket:  ESNET-20161101-014
On Saturday November 5, 2016, Ameslab facilities will be performing 
maintenance on the EM power in our Wilhelm Hall. This work will drop 
the UPS and EM power feeding our primary border router and the ESnet 
equipment in Wilhelm Hall. 

Prior to the outage Ameslab IS will shutdown affected network 
equipment. We will restart that equipment after the facilities work 
is complete. We expect shutdown and restart to take less than one 
hour each. 

6:00 AM CDT Begin shutdown of affected equipment. 
7:00 AM CDT Power shut off, facilities work begins. 
10:00 AM CDT Facilities work ends, power restored. 
11:00 AM CDT Restart finished of affected equipment. 

Therefore, we expect a total outage of no more than 4 hours. 

When we begin equipment shutdown, we will contact the ESnet NOC to 
have you perform safe shutdown of your equipment in Wilhelm Hall room 
48. After restart, we will contact the ESnet NOC to confirm 
successful restart of your equipment.