--- ESnet Service Availability Report for INL, May 2016.

ESnet uptime May 2016:      100.000% (Site outages filtered)
ESnet downtime May 2016:    000:00:00(h:m:s)

Total uptime May 2016:      99.945% (Site outages included)
Site downtime May 2016:     000:24:33(h:m:s)

--- Outage Event Summary

Duration         Start Date/Time
000:24:33(h:m:s) Thu May  5 00:06:13 2016 (US Pacific)

--- Outage Event Detail

Title:         BOIS-CR1 < 99/KGGS/100002//SYG > INL  - Circuit Outage
Date:          Thu May  5 00:06:13 2016 (US Pacific)
Duration:      000:24:33(h:m:s)
Type:          Unplanned
Organization:  Site/INL
ESnet Ticket:  ESNET-20160505-001
The listed circuit is now available. INL Site personnel have been contacted to determine the cause of the outage.  RFO is pending.