--- ESnet Service Availability Report for NREL, Sep 2016.

ESnet uptime Sep 2016:      100.000% (Site outages filtered)
ESnet downtime Sep 2016:    000:00:01(h:m:s)

Total uptime Sep 2016:      100.000% (Site outages included)
Site downtime Sep 2016:     000:00:00(h:m:s)

--- Outage Event Summary

Duration         Start Date/Time
000:00:01(h:m:s) Tue Sep  6 18:46:14 2016 (US Pacific)

--- Outage Event Detail

Title:         Upgrade STAR-CR5 to TimOS 13.0.R8
Date:          Tue Sep  6 18:46:14 2016 (US Pacific)
Duration:      000:00:01(h:m:s)
Type:          Planned
Organization:  ESnet/ESnet
ESnet Ticket:  CHG0030518
ESnet will be performing an in-service software upgrade on the core router STAR-CR5. While this upgrade is not expected to impact services terminating or transiting the device, we reserve the entire maintenance window. This upgrade is intended to install the vendor recommended version of firmware on the device and to address a known issue with reporting FCS errors.